Waterproof Overlays


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  • Great for cleaning up bedwetting incidents quickly
  • Reusable, absorbent, and machine washable
  • Choose from Flat and tuck-in styles
  • Sizes to fit any bed
  • Also works well for protecting the sheets from vomit and between changes for bed bound patients

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Waterproof Overlays

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Waterproof Overlays - Small Flat
Waterproof Overlays - Regular Flat
Waterproof Overlays - Regular Tuck-in
Waterproof Overlays - Large Flat
Waterproof Overlays - Large Tuck-in
Waterproof Overlays - Extra Large Flat
Waterproof Overlays - Extra Large 36x70" with 18" Tuck-Ins

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Conveniently keep bedding and mattress dry with this quality mattress protector. Replace the pad rather than the bedding to minimize your laundry chores! The absorbent pad holds up to 4 cups (more than an adult bladder can hold) of liquid and allows you to easily change pads and sleep comfortably until morning. The absorbent layer contains fluid while the waterproof barrier keeps the surface of the bed dry. These pads have a waterproof layer and a polyester/rayon fiber content.

Our overlay with 18" tuck-in tails provides the same protection as the regular overlay, but with the additional benefit of side tucks to help keep the pad in position. Buy two so the wet pad can be replaced with a dry one should an accident occur at night.

Dimensions are approximate. The regular underpad is designed to be used with a twin size bed, the large is ideal for full size beds, and the extra large works well for queen size beds.

Waterproof   Made in the USA   Machine Washable/Dryable

Comments: Parents love these reusable, waterproof mattress overlays to place on top of the child's sheet. If your child does wet, especially during the early days of working with the alarm, the overlays help to keep the bed dry. Having two pads allows you to simply remove one pad and put another in its place. No need to wash all the bedding every morning - simply launder the overlay and you're ready to go! Great for making the transition from disposable pants to cloth underwear.

Name Waterproof Overlays

Made in the USA

Care Instructions: Do not use any fabric softeners. May use bleach. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low and remove promptly.

Color: White top with blue backing.


  • Small 23x36 inches
  • Regular 33x35 inches
  • Large 34x52 inches
  • Extra Large 36x70 inches
Warranty Warranty: 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
Manufacturer Dry Defender
Manufacturer Item Code DD844998, DD845001, DD844999, DD845000, DD845002, DD845003, DD872585
Style Reusable
Type Underpad
Warranty: 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Average rating 4.7
  • based on 36 reviews
  • 5 stars, bed protector
    By cactus girl from Tucson, AZ on 2014-08-17

  • 4 stars, Good quality; should be wider and longer
    By Zara from Philadelphia, PA on 2014-08-14
    I purchased four of the waterproof underpads with tucks. Since they are for a standard twin bed (39x75"), I chose the 34 x 36 (+18 inch tucks). The quality seems good, although they started pilling on the surface a bit not long after they were put on the bed. I haven't had to wash them yet, so I cannot comment on how they stand up to repeated laundering or if the "haloshield" is renewed by washing them in bleach. My suggestion is regarding the sizing of the pads. A standard twin bed is 38-39" wide. Since there is sometimes leakage when a person is seated on the edge of the bed or during transfer, the waterproof part of the pad should overlap the edges of the mattress by a few inches (the full size is too wide; you would end up tucking part of the waterproof pad under the mattress, which is unnecessary and would probably wear that part of the pad out from the friction). As to the length, since people do shift around in bed and can be seated anywhere along the length or at the foot of the bed, the pads should be longer, covering at least the area from just below where a standard pillow (20x26") is usually placed at the the head of the bed to the foot of the bed, again with a slight overlap. So the ideal underpad a would have a width of 43-47" with an additional 14" inches for the tucks and a length of 57-59" for a standard twin/62-64" for a long twin.

  • 5 stars, Excellent product
    By Mama Kay from Memphis, TN on 2014-07-14
    Pros: Lightweight, Dries quickly, Keeps mattress dry
    This product will keep your mattress completely dry, no matter how wet it gets on top. It's lightweight enough to toss in a washer with an agitator, and it dries quickly in the dryer.

  • 5 stars, It's not just for beds anymore!!!
    By CCAATT from Milwaukee, WI on 2014-06-26
    Right now I have a cat with a urinary tract infection who gets close to the litter box but not completely in it - these are the greatest. When she misses, I just pick it up, put a clean one down and throw the dirty one in the washer. I also like them just under the litter boxes so when they get out and have litter on their paws, I can just take it outside and shake it out and I don't have to vacuum anything up. These are the best things I have found. I love them.....

  • 5 stars, I don't use these as mattress protectors
    By 2felinz from Milwaukee, WI on 2014-05-22
    Pros: Washing Is A Breeze, Do What They Say
    Cons: none
    I use these under my cat's litter boxes for "mistakes." Just got new carpeting and these are the best of the best. Used to use a towel but accidents would always soak through the towel onto the carpet. These are perfect, easy to replace with a fresh one, wash and dry very well, and make me a much happier cat owner. Already purchased four more just to have on hand. Thanks!

  • 5 stars, The quality & performance are excellent.
    By Judy the dog lover. from St. Louis Missouri on 2014-04-29
    Pros: Really works
    Cons: none
    Best Uses: Incontinent dog
    I use this pad on our couch for our 13 year old incontinent dog. Since using this product the accidents are so easy to clean up. I love it.

  • 5 stars, Effective as promised
    By Waterworks from MA on 2014-03-21
    Best Uses: Bodily Fluids, Sex, Sexual Fluids
    This product does exactly what I need it to do! I take it out and put it over my sheets/blankets when the moment calls for it. Never had a problem with leakage, when before I would seep through multiple towels. Makes cleanup a whole lot easier. It holds a lot of liquid and never leaks through the waterproof under-layer. The overlay doesn't actually "absorb" the liquid, so it does sit wet and I lie in a puddle if there is too much volume. To mitigate this problem I usually lay a towel over it, which absorbs the liquid, and the overlay protects my bedding. When left to air-dry the fabric remains wet. However it washes easily and is easy to bring out at a moment's notice. Good for bedroom uses other than child bed-wetting.

  • 1 stars, Not what I expected at all!
    By Dog Owner from MA on 2014-01-29
    I bought this to put on the top of my bed because my older dog started having urinary incontinence and she often sleeps on our bed. It said sizes to fit every bed so I chose the XL one for our queen size bed figuring it would cover most of the bed. Wrong! It's more the size of a twin size bed. This is not going to work because it's going to leave too much of the bed uncovered. I'm so disappointed!

  • 5 stars, Really works
    By Sue from New York on 2013-12-07
    My father n law was wetting the bed nightly. Now the bed stays dry and the mattress is no longer getting soaked. Thank you!! Great product. Washes easily that's why we have two!!

  • 5 stars, Reliable High Quality Protection
    By Shel from Rockford, Michigan on 2013-11-24
    Pros: High Level Protection, Durable, High Quality, Meets Purpose, Reliable, Washs well, Easy clean up, Washes well, Excellent size
    Best Uses: Prtects Car Interior, Traps Oders, Protects furniture, Infant Care, Prtects Bedding, Patient Care, Protects mattress
    Product used in the care of my 91 year old father who is bed ridden. Product not only protects bedding , mattress and furniture but also car seats when transporting him to and from doctor appointments. The product provides easy clean up and washes well. Made of aturdy materials, I can also use the prouct to help shift my father in bed and reposition him which is a bonus.

  • 4 stars, Good product
    By Ana from Western, Mass on 2013-11-23
    Pros: Waterproof Washable
    Good product, simple, convinient, washable

  • 5 stars, does as advertised
    By xword puzzler from St. Joseph, MI on 2013-11-10
    after countless washings it is still very absorbent

  • 5 stars, Reliable Product for Excellent Price
    By Shel from Waterford, Michigan on 2013-11-02
    Pros: ease of using, Protects furniture, Sizing is great, Great price, Strong Construction, Highly recommended, Can Use To Move Patient, Washes easily
    Cons: Wider Size Availability
    Best Uses: Use For Young And Elderly, Protects bedding, Use Anywhere Easily, Protection Of Furniture, Cover Furniture, Used When Transferring, Easy clean up
    Father had stroke; uses to protect bedding and furniture from urine and bowel mishaps. Find it easy to clean up quickly without distrupting patient for a long period ; washes up nicely. Difficult to move him and may be would like a wider sheet; however I find the product can be used to position the patient (move him up or down in bed) due to strong construction.

  • 5 stars, excellent product I am ordering more!
    By coolblondegal from new york on 2013-08-16
    Cons: zero
    The product is used to protect the mattress. One does not sweat and it is very soft to sleep on. It's like a very high quality sheet. can't think of any negatives.

  • 4 stars, so far so good
    By b. from illinois on 2013-08-06
    works well to protect floor from dog mess

  • 5 stars, Excellent product
    By Bluebird from Illinois on 2013-06-12
    Pros: Washes and dries easily
    Cons: no cons
    Best Uses: Definitely Recommend
    Product does exactly what we want: keeps the underbed dry.

  • 5 stars, Best Waterproof Underpad Yet!
    By Bruce the Caregiver from Mill Valley, Ca. on 2013-04-02
    Used and washed daily for my wife who has been incontinent for 8 years. First product I've found that keeps the bed dry and so far has not cracked or leaked from repeated washing. The best I've found!

  • 5 stars, very good product
    By spikechicago from chicago on 2013-03-29
    we use these on the bed our elderly cat sleeps on -- sometimes she can't make it down the steps we put next to the bed. poor girl! but this keeps the bed dry and isa easy to wash.

  • 5 stars, So far so good.
    By Mom of 3 from Ga on 2013-03-25
    Pros: Super Soft Great Size
    Best Uses: Guest bed, Personal Bed
    I bought this to help with potty training. I haven't used yet but I have opened and I love the super soft feel and the protective backing. I also plan to use when we go on vacation or visit family to protect their beds! Very easy to fold and pack. Great customer service. - item was missing when delivered so I called and an actual person answered... No machine. My item was immediately shipped.

  • 5 stars, excellent
    By christine from central ma on 2013-03-12
    Pros: Protects 100, Launders beautifully, Tuck Secure Twin Tdlr B
    Cons: none
    Best Uses: Sick Bed Protection, Potty Training Protection
    Huge help protecting bed snd linens during potty trsining and when kids vomiting. Hsve also taken when traveling makes great impromptu changing pad, ptotects floor or upholstered dining chairs too from messy toddlers. Recommend u buy min of 2. Twin fits perfectly and will fit toddler bed head to toe for fukl mattress protection. The price and quakity csnnot be beat.

  • 5 stars, works great!
    By b mowe from ontario ca on 2013-02-25
    I have a 3 yr old in training. No leak through. Works great.

  • 5 stars, Worth the money
    By Shelly from Boston, MA on 2013-02-12
    I love this. It is as good as the ones at the hospital. This one is not too hot and it washed great; no pilling! I wish they made this in queen and king. When the kids are really sick they always fuss til they are in our bed (a bit dodgy as you can imagine. I will be ordering more!

  • 4 stars, Laundry Saver!
    By Mom of Boys from Austin, TX on 2013-02-10
    I purchased 2 of these pads for our son when we ordered a bedwetting alarm. They have been great and saved me from many,many sheet changes! My ONLY complaint is that the tuck in flaps aren't really meant for deep mattresses. I can just barely tuck it under my son's mattress. I haven't had issues with him moving it but I still wish it would tuck in a little further. It would be great on a standard mattress!

  • 5 stars, Great for all sorts of uses
    By Dog Owner from Vermont on 2013-02-01
    Pros: Easy to clean, Works Great
    I got these for my dogs' beds--they're fantastic and protect both the beds' covers and the cushions inside. I put an underpad on top of the bed, put a dog throw on that, and if there are ever any accidents, I just throw those in the wash and replace them with fresh ones. You'll never have to wash a dog bed again.

  • 5 stars, perfect!
    By Shelly from Boston, MA on 2013-01-13
    We love this product. It covers the bed well. I slept there 3 nights because my son was sick; it was not noisy (no crunch sounds), it did not get too hot like others have. It washes very well also. I already want another.

  • 5 stars, Best underpad I've found
    By Mom of four from Fort Worth, Texas on 2012-10-30
    Pros: Works Great, Washable, Durable
    I am potty training my 2 yr old son and this pad has been a great help at nights!!! When/If he has an accident, I don't have to worry about it ruining my mattress. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that has small kids. The pad has been used in our van when we are traveling to help save the seats and great when traveling to visit friends or family to help protect their mattresses as well.

  • 5 stars, Fantastic product
    By J&R's mom from Elgin, Il on 2012-05-27
    Pros: Washes well, Hospital grade product, Great price, Stays tucked in, Protects bed perfectly
    Cons: none
    Used for my 10 year old as an adjunct to the bedwetting alarm. Keeps the bed dry and helps him feel better about his challenge. I have also used this when a child has had the stomach flu as a "just in case I can't get to the bathroom".

  • 5 stars, Fabulous product
    By Long Island Mom from Farmingville, NY on 2012-04-25
    I ordered three of these waterproof underpads for my daughter's bed. She is night time training and changing one of these pads is soooo much easier than changing all the sheets. They stay put and are a breeze to wash. I would highly recommend them.

  • 5 stars, Terrific product
    By starcroix from nashville, tn on 2012-03-28
    Pros: Impermeable
    Best Uses: Leakage protection
    Fast service

  • 4 stars, Great product!
    By Buttercup from San Francisco, CA on 2012-03-02
    Pros: Easy to wash, Easy to use
    Cons: Smells a bit chemically
    Best Uses: Potty Training
    I really like this product - durable, easy to use and care for. The only con is that it smells a bit chemically even after several washes. All in all, this product has been fantastic in potty training my little boy.

  • 4 stars, Nice pads
    By Mtngal from Colorado on 2012-01-03
    My dogs are getting old and can't always hold it until I get home so these pads are great for protecting carpet and floors.

  • 4 stars, seems to do the job
    By Whee Willie from redwood city, ca on 2011-06-07
    Cons: Only need tuck-in one sid, Side since we have a king

  • 2 stars, Not for Adult use, weak material
    By gogo57 from san jose, ca on 2011-04-13
    Cons: Tears very easily

  • 5 stars, waterproof pads
    By nurse from innetonka, m on 2011-04-01
    great and lives up to its standard

  • 5 stars, Great Product.
    By MJ from Michigan on 2011-01-04
    Best Uses: COUCH COVER
    We use as couch covers. This way the dogs can get up on the couches with us and not leave stains.

  • 5 stars, Can't live with these underpads.
    By Parents of the wet ones from Austin, TX on 2010-02-05
    Pros: Comfort, durability, price
    Best Uses: Bed wetting, Bladder control
    We have boys who still have night time wetting accidents and these underpads are perfect. The wash easily and dry quickly. I like the ones with tuck-in tails so they stay in place on our bunk beds.

  • 5 stars, Great product
    By Steve father of three girls from Broomfield, CO on 2010-02-05
    Pros: Large, Absorbant
    Worked great for our daughters who are potty training at night. Allows us to not use pull ups but not have to change the whole bed. Has accelerated night time training greatly. I highly recommend these over pull ups.


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Made in the USA

Care Instructions: Do not use any fabric softeners. May use bleach. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low and remove promptly.

Color: White top with blue backing.


  • Small 23x36 inches
  • Regular 33x35 inches
  • Large 34x52 inches
  • Extra Large 36x70 inches

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